Dear Lin…

Dear Lin,

You’ll never see this, but I just have to write it. Stunned by your virtuosity and humanity, Alexander Hamilton’s genius, the music, the lyrics, the actors’ brilliance, the game-changing style and casting, the zeal with which my fellow citizens love the show…all of this SHOT open new pathways of joy in my being and gave me hope for our country.

Then my long-time colleagues and dear friends, with whom I promote mental health and compassion through the non-profit PsychAlive, “took up a collection” of their personal funds to send my 12-year-old stepdaughter and me to see Hamilton in LA. They adapted the “Alexander Hamilton” song to surprise me with a big reveal!

Bursting with awe after the show and wanting to convey to these friends my thanks for the profound “effects of their lives on mine,” I wrote this opus of gratitude to the instrumental of “One Last Time.” This (below) is my labor of love, the by-product of and homage to your extraordinary creation.

I have the honor to be Your Obedient Servant,

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PS: Knowledge of inside jokes not necessary; please just watch until the end. It builds to a flame, and YOU lit the match!

PPS: Unfortunately the camera was off at the exact moment when I realized the “left wing bleeding heart karaoke singer” in the song was me. But this video below captures the seconds just before and just after the reveal:

And here are the Positive Thought lyrics

Photo of Lin-Manuel Miranda by Matthew Murphy,