Positive Thought

Once upon a time, I had a positive thought:

“I’m going to plant my roots in a life-giving spot

I want to work somewhere with color on the walls,

With people I admire and purpose that, to me, calls”

My thought was rewarded by a lovely kind of providence

Brought me to some folks who excel in mental competence

Got hired and felt I was working someplace awesome

Little did I know I would slowly start to blossom

In soil that was rich from decades of dedication,

Amity imbued through several generations,

I drew nourishment and fortification

Heck, I even got myself a college education

Soaking up the warmth that shone from these friends

My heart peeked around a self-protective fence

Beholding deeds of generosity unbound,

Humor unrestrained and morality that was sound

I began to enjoy gifts that before I didn’t get

Started culling my talents so by the sun they could be met

To be known and cared about, encouraged in one’s song

Makes a person feel strong and want to live a life that’s long

It wasn’t always easy; there were defenses to be dealt with

There were losses to process and times when I was zealous

There were political predictions “we” got wrong and mourned for

Yo, and we thought the bottom was Bush in ’04!

But having this place to come to every day

And seeing these faces that always seem to convey,

“Hey, it’s going to be alright. We’ll help each other be okay”

Made me feel secure and compels me now to say:

To Mr. President, with your dry quips and wry wit,

Devilish good looks and oversight with the books

To the squash playing swashbuckler who makes the concepts visual

Who gives us his all and finds pie irresistible

To the gourmet mama with whom I share a condition,

Who provokes bursts of laughter from over my partition

To the mischief inciter, Shannon Eggins’ ghost writer

You won’t find an author on the planet who’s brighter

To the pregnant poet, through analytics thou dost plow

Visionary, media wiz and quite canny cash cow

To the fellow cat-owner, justice marcher, organ donor (what!)

Noble and charitable, history’s eyes have definitely shown her

To the captain of our ship (financial)

Perhaps not aware of my admiration, substantial

To the chocolate loving octogenarian

Now doubling as a reference librarian

Writing and writing to send the message on clarion

Steel trap and stunning smile distinguish this Kentuckyarian

To my buddy and cohort who recites, responds and supports

The month before May, a forgiving good sport

In community outreach, she’s Glendon’s top gun

From Canada, she’s immigrant that gets the job done

To the glamorous scholar, author, doctor,

Illegible jotter, compassionate globetrotter

Disseminating wisdom from father to daughter

To the fashion maker and orchestrator,

Blog curator and excess spending terminator,

Schatzling daily and quoting movie lines clever

Sweet hazel-eyed true and treasured friend of mine forever

To the elegant lady in whose bosom the plot nestled

The progenitor of the gift, the namesake of the vessel

Her daring to love gives us an example

Ethics, smarts, beauty and style are ample

And to the Theoretician who’s made it his mission

To elevate humanity, promote interpersonal sanity

Teaching people to have self-empathy

To look at themselves with not harshness, but clemency

To have courage, take power and choose an adult identity

To be a kindly inner friend, an undefended blessed entity

I see the luminaries and loved ones,

Contributing behind the scenes

Like the rappers and the sponsors,

The editors and the teens

And after almost fifteen years of my life

I say with something bordering on reverence

Thank you for your love

Your kindness

And your exceptional acceptance

Until the day I die and beyond (I believe)

I’ll always be thanking god for you (my heart is on my sleeve)

Because I am amazed


Led me to you

And in “thousands of ways”

You have given me my SHOT.

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